Yes, Americans are most welcome in Iran.

 Once upon another time I lived in Iran-happily if not forever-as one of the many American wives married to Iranian students, who had returned from studies abroad. It has been difficult to reconcile my good memories of life in Iran-then- with the dismal pictures in the media …so I decided to return in the summer of 2007, and see the face of Iran-today.       

Though I was lost in the expansion of Teheran, the city I once called home, I felt as if I had stepped into virtual time warp.    I never forgot the special spirit of the people and found it was still very muchalive, well and living in Iran, in spite of the many changes I would be naive to deny.Contrary to media muddle, the Iranians we met were happy to engage in frank conversation with us; and so very happy and proud to see Americans in their country. Contrary to what you may have heard, our most dangerous encounter was crossing the crowded streets;  too many cars— too few stoplights.

You will find,  an Iran that has wandered into the 21st century, living next to villages and sites that back 6,000 years old.. It’s evident from the Mullahs sitting in their computer cabinets to the ladies pulling their  Iphones out from the folds of their chadors – as the covering is called in Iran.   It’s just this paradox of techno tools  face to face with tradition, which makes Iran such an exciting  destination.

Since I speak Farsi, I became the adjunct guide and was able to speak directly as well as help my fellow travelers communicate with the incomparable welcome we received..My fellow “Persian travelers”, a mixed bus/plane load of educated and inquisitive world travelers persuaded me to begin my own tours ,so I launched Iran Custom Travel .com and have been sending travelers on cultural tours for the past six years…

In this blog, I will share with you my thoughts  and photos as well as those  of the many travelers who have returned .grateful for the experience.of challenging stereotypes.

By providing easy and safe travel to Iran,we can advance better understanding and promote communication between Americans and Iranians…but whether you travel with us or not, please feel free to contact me.

            All you need bring is a heart willing to listen to the beats of another culture.           












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